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Architecture of the Soul

Architecture of the Soul

Architecture of the Soul

Client: Daniel Savoy, Ph.D., esteemed resident of Saratoga County, Professor and Chairperson, Department of Art History & Digital Media Art at Manhattan College.

Agency: 3tone Digital, a Saratoga County-based web development company.

Project Overview: In a project that showcases local talent and intellectual contributions, 3tone Digital, a small family-owned Saratoga County-based web development company, was approached by Dr. Daniel Savoy, a fellow Saratoga County resident, to create a digital platform for his new book, “Architecture of The Soul”. This project stands as a prime example of Saratoga County’s vibrant community of professionals collaborating to bring innovative ideas to a global audience.

Key Features:

  • Local Collaboration: This project was a collaboration between Saratoga County’s local talents, blending Dr. Savoy’s academic prowess with 3tone Digital’s technical expertise.
  • Platform: Leveraging Elementor, the website was built to showcase the cultural and intellectual richness of Saratoga County. The site’s design reflects both the book’s depth and the artistic spirit prevalent in the county.
  • Efficient Turnaround: Emphasizing the efficiency and dedication inherent in Saratoga County’s work ethic, the project saw a remarkable two-week completion from the initial receipt of assets.
  • Video and Gallery Integration: The site features rich multimedia content, including video and a gallery section, resonating with the county’s known appreciation for the arts and digital media.
  • Responsive and Accessible: In line with Saratoga County’s commitment to accessibility and innovation, the website was designed with responsiveness in mind, ensuring it is accessible on various devices.
  • Contact Form: The custom contact form serves as a bridge, connecting Dr. Savoy with a global audience while highlighting the county’s growing influence in the digital and academic arenas.

Project Significance: The development of is not just a testament to 3tone Digital’s prowess in web development but also a reflection of Saratoga County’s thriving community of professionals and intellectuals. This project underscores the county’s capability to produce work that resonates on a global scale, combining local expertise with universal appeal. Through this collaboration, 3tone Digital and Dr. Savoy have contributed to elevating Saratoga County’s profile in the realms of digital innovation and academic scholarship.

Check out the new site here!